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Decluttering Your Home

The declutter dilemma. Decluttering and minimalism have become buzz words. The emergence and popularity of Mari Kondo has seen many people wanting to live in clutter free environments, removing all items that do not ‘spark joy’. However, for many of us our homes are treasure chests, filled with years of cherished memories, precious trinkets and prized possessions.

All of these loved items that you have collected throughout the years are glorious and undoubtedly hold a very special place in your heart. They are what makes your house feel like home.

However when preparing your home for sale, most agents will recommend decluttering and removing all personal items. Why do agents suggest this? Firstly it is important to understand that when it comes to decorating and styling, people have different tastes. When homes are full of personal items and photographs it can be difficult for purchasers to see past this. Home buyers need clear and uncluttered spaces to begin to imagine and understand how they will live in and settle down into the home, filling it with their own treasures and trinkets. This may seem like a very minor distinction when taking your home to market, helping buyers envisage the home as belonging to them can make all the difference.

Once you have made the decision to sell your property, you need to start thinking of it as an assest and not your home. This will help in preparing it as a product for sale that you would like to achieve the best possible result for. The goal is not to show a home you enjoy living in. The goal is to show a home the buyer could be comfortable living in, anything that interrupts or interferes with this vision will be distracting for to purchasers.

Organising your belongings into categories will help to declutter:

  1. Items that you require to continue living in the house during the marketing campaign.
  2. Items that are personal, practical, valuable and not required for marketing the home.
  3. Items that will not be making the journey with you to your next home.

It is important t first consider if any of the items you no longer want can be sold, donated to charity or upcycled or recycled before you explore throwing items to the bin. Place all your additional items in storage and finish with your home looking elegantly and refreshingly minimalistic.

Our top tips for decluttering your home are below:

  • Remove clutter-storage boxes are a must
  • Invest in a new door mat
  • Complete a Spring Clean
  • Freshen interior paint in neutral colours
  • Ensure all lights are in working order
  • Open the blinds
  • Remove family photographs
  • Take down children’s art work
  • Clean up wardrobes – sellers will look.
  • Clean up garages – sellers consider it a sign of how you took care of the home.
  • Same goes for the oven.
  • If you have pets, remove their bedding and toys
  • Pack away children’s toys

We hope you find these tips useful. For more useful advice and suggestions, contacts us to arrange a free consultation with one of our accredited Hunter Valley Real Estate Agents.